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Olearys Pod 3.2 Back to Reality

Welcome back to our nightmare. We will give you more worthless Euro information than a sane person should be able to tolerate. Godspeed.


Olearys Pod Episode 3.1 The MLS Show (Oy Vey!) (Sorry.)


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Olearys Pod Episode 2-2-1: The Gibraltar Sniff Test


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“The Results Are In” by Joel Jackson

“The Results Are In!” the e-mail exclaimed.

The members of Nashville FC voted to authorize its board to enter into negotiations with DMD Soccer to transfer the name, logo, colors, and intellectual property to them. In exchange, a “supporter’s trust” for existing members would be set up, giving the trust 1% equity into the new USL franchise. The vote wasn’t even close, with 174 members voting, only 10 were against the idea.

Obviously, and publicly stated, I was one of the 10.

All of the hard work by everyone, is only worth 1 whole percent to a USL franchise.

-The deception in which the whole deal just didn’t smell right.

- As I stated on O’Leary’s Pod, the notion of Nashville FC’s chairman of the board joining up with the DMD Soccer group, while simultaneously retaining his seat until this was made public to members, didn’t smell right.

-The notion of the entire board knowing what was going on without disclosing any of this to the membership, didn’t smell right.

-The actual said chairman resigning his post before members knew any of this, didn’t smell right.

-When all of this was put to a vote to the membership, the APA (Asset Purchase Agreement) was not disclosed due to “legal issues”, then members were asked to vote while the board gave its stamp of approval, didn’t smell right.

-The way in which 1% equity was determined (Who did the valuation?), didn’t smell right.

I could not and did not, in good conscience, vote “yes” as other members overwhelmingly have. How can I just blindly trust the board, when the board has shown itself to be untrustworthy? But these are my reasons, and I stand tall in my convictions. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way, perhaps I’m a lone wolf, so to speak. But I’m not changing my mind on the issue. We really don’t know how long this all has taken place.

When I 1st signed up for Nashville FC, I did so with the idea that a) I’d be supporting a club in a unique way, with other fellow fans who could actually have a voice in a club, and b) I would be doing so in my 2nd hometown, Nashville, where I spent 5 of the best years of my life in college. I did not sign up to be sold to the highest bidder. Perhaps if I lived there instead of almost 1,000 miles away I would have been a lot more vocal about things on social media. But either way, I would be/am pissed with how this all went down.

My “sweat equity” came in the way of retweets, word of mouth, buying out of town memberships & merchandise, watching (sometimes not the best internet feeds of) matches. The money is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, it’s the principle. This could have been something magical in the long haul. Now it just feels like it was a stepping stone for people to advance themselves.

As for my gear, I’ll box it up & keep in my attic. Maybe my daughter can wear it in 20 years as retro or something. I’m not gonna burn it (though the younger me would certainly have). Instead, I’ll share with her someday the beginnings of the club, God willing it’s still around.

So congratulations to the remaining members of Nashville FC. Enjoy the next steps in whatever the process is. The tender that is entering into the club’s bank account is inked with deception and secrecy. I’m not the most saintly of people, but I cannot overlook any of this.

Before the pro/rel crowd pipes in, the US Soccer pyramid had nothing to do with this. There are tons of situations throughout all sports that have had misdeeds in ownership. Pro/rel would not have stopped this series of unfortunate events. What happened with Nashville FC was when opportunity collides with a “whatever it takes” attitude. The sum of the equation is what you see before you today.

Oh, one more thing: I’ve had a few people ask if I was behind the @nashLOLFC. No, I am not. While it is a funny account, if I were to do it, it would really be funny. But it is pretty funny. I’m out in the open, at the risk of my mentions.

I had planned for this year to support (some kind of way) both Nashville FC and Memphis City FC (my hometown). Now I don’t have that problem to worry about. So enjoy the potential fancy new stadium & all of the bells & whistles, adorned with the colors, crest, and “Our Town, Our Club” motto prominent throughout. You won’t miss me, I won’t miss you. Be Well...

Olearys Pod Episode 2.14 The Karaoke Situation

Tonight the lost karaoke tracks are found and exploited. Jon Townsend comes on and we listen to old voicemails from Scooter. Enjoy!


Olearys Pod Episode 2.13 Solitary Confinement

This week Brian finds himself all alone. What is he to do? Talk I guess...

Dan Courtemanche comes on to talk about how good MLS is and answer listener questions, Scooter checks in from USA match, Paul from Gorilla Talk comes on to give us the lowdown on the Silverbacks Trust, and finally Joel Jackson comes on to tell us about his sexual education at a 2 Live Crew show. Enjoy!

Olearys Pod Episode 2.12 Lazy Tuesday


Tom Marshall - De la Soul - USOC - Copa America - Vacation With Baky - Isley Brothers - Listenership Profiling - UCL Final - Al Green

Olearys Pod Episode 2.11 #BumpedByBaky


DJ Hot Garbage - Listener Calls & Voicemails - Henry Rollins - Tanya - Nashville FC - #ThisPodcastSucks Review - Baky Soumare LIVE! - Antonio Conte, Giovinco, Pirlo & MLS - Jim From Bolingbrook

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